What does a life coach do?

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Life coaches support and encourage people to help them fulfil their potential and make the most of their lives.

Life coaches work with clients to:

  • talk about their situation
  • discuss their values, attitudes and beliefs
  • help them to set suitable goals for change
  • break down these goals into small steps
  • look at ways of overcoming barriers and setbacks
  • support them to stay motivated and committed

Clients could range from individuals to an entire business. This role could offer either a general service or a specialism, such as executive, career change, or youth coaching. It may sometimes be necessary to turn down a client and recommend another professional such as a qualified counsellor or a financial adviser. It is important to be ethical and acknowledge when someone else might be more qualified to help a client.




Find your niche. Some life coaches specialize in coaching people on defining visions for their lives and seeking ways to improve overall. Some coaches focus on helping clients choose and train for careers, while others coach executives in how to run their businesses; and still others coach clients in managing their interpersonal relationships. Decide on what area of life coaching you wish to specialize in (hint: it should be something you know personally). Here’s a list of possibilities to start you off:[5]

  • Business coaching
  • Carbon coaching (helping others reduce their carbon footprint)
  • Career coaching
  • Corporate coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Relationship coaching
  • Retirement coaching
  • Spiritual and Christian coaching
  • Time management coaching
  • Weight and body image coaching
  • Work/life balance coaching

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